Mobile Rich Communication solutions


The Silta product family includes downloadable RCS-e clients for Apple, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian devices. Functionality is embedded into native phone book, gallery and logs, thus end-users have immediate access to all new features.

Silta is also much more than RCS-e. With Silta Add-Ons you can utilize the RCS-e data channels to provide your subscribers with your own internet services on top of RCS.

Roll-out your own RCS services directly to subscribers pocket by using Neusoft Silta!

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The Neusoft Silta clients broadens the Operator product portfolio with a diverse and interoperable set of rich communication solutions for all platforms. The features are easily customizable and covers the following areas:

  • Chat and Group chat
  • Presence status and avatars
  • Social presence and integration to social networks
  • Capability discovery
  • File transfer
  • Video and image share
  • VoIP and CS call mobile solutions
  • Video call solutions
  • Native phone book UI integration

Key Technology

IMS Engine, SIP Stack Engine, VoIP, multiplatform, Customization, Branding, Localization, UI/UE Design, etc.


iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian


Silta Screenshots
Silta group chat in iphone4s Silta live video in Samsung Galaxy s3

Case Study

GSMA Accreditation

The Neusoft Silta RCS-e client is the first client to become fully accredited by GSMA, passing over 300 IOT testcases in two joyn networks and against two different clients.?
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RCS Device Challenge success

In both 2010 and 2011 GSMA RCS mobile client device challenges, Neusoft clients solutions where among the three shortlisted contestants.?
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Cooperation with Operators and Network Vendors

Since 2008 we have cooperated with European Operators, Network vendors and handset manufacturers with Rich communication Trials, Rich communication service conception and rich communication mobile development.