We offer multiple types of monitoring and controlling solutions to customers from different fields such as water and electricity allocation, industrial production, public pipeline network, intelligence transportation, disaster prevention and relief, etc. Given our experience in monitoring system development for 10-plus years and having acquired the relevant technologies, we have ?successfully designed and developed a number of different ?monitoring programs.


  • Remote control: Changes system operation via remote control
  • Earthquake monitoring: Automatically changes equipment operation by monitoring and sensing the status of an earthquake
  • Operation indicator: Helps operators maintain their systems timely and properly by giving real-time messages according to the system status
  • Real-time warning: Abnormality warnings via alarm, flash and voice
  • Data analysis: Analyzes historical data with figures and tables to predict possible changes
  • Data statistics: Summarizes system operations by cycle, area and equipment type, and exports related reports
  • Simulation training: Conducts simulation training in a customizable environment without affecting system operation

Key Technology

  • HMI: Customizes HMI based on customer requirements and designs the most appropriate HMI in the industry to ensure easy operation by monitoring personnel
  • Services: Provides customers with various management modules including operation mode, message, alarm and emergency, redundancy, security, system simulation and on-demand statistics
  • Data management: Includes the configuration database, real-time database and history database of the monitoring system
  • Data acquisition: General design supports various data acquisition equipment and communication modes such as RFID and RS-232


Supported system platforms: Windows, Linux and Unix

Case Study

We have customized an integrated equipment monitoring system for a natural gas pipeline network. The system gives customers a good understanding of the information in the network such as real-time status and system load.