Point Of Sales


We offer services such as product architecture and design, software development, testing and maintenance, product support, etc. to manufacturers of POS cash registers and peripherals. In addition to standard cash register systems, we also have the ability to customize the system according to the demands of our customers. Furthermore, our experienced and professional developers can provide extra services such as software development, testing, project management, consulting and support.


  • Supports a wide range of market campaigns to meet customer requirements
  • Multiple sales analysis reports provide strong data support for decision-makers to establish management policies
  • Assures the performance and scalability of large applications with a distributed multi-layer software structure
  • Supports multiple modes of human interface interaction such as touch screen and scanner
  • Supports advanced electronic equipment such as electronic price display to improve the information and efficiency of an enterprise
  • Adapts to different graphic UIs such as QT and FLEX
  • Ensures the security of customers’ data with varied system repair measures such as complete data backup and restore, data logs and trouble shooting

Key Technologies

  • DOM
  • SAX
  • Web Sphere
  • Seasar
  • Flex2


Windows, Linux

Case Study

We offer POS and peripheral design, development and testing services to POS cash register manufacturers.