As a solution and service provider for software embedded in mobile devices, we have the ability to offer full-cycle Tablet solutions covering UI/UE design, application and middleware development, third-party application integration, open source operating system porting, driver development and hardware adapting. We possess rich experience and technical advantages in embedded Tablet software such as abundant application and multimedia resources, excellent visual effects, smooth operating experience and seamless third-party application integration.


  • Home
    • Theme
    • Widget
    • Launcher
    • Locked
  • Notification
  • Basic Functions:
    • Mai
    • Browser
    • Contacts
    • Hand Writing
    • Dictionary
    • Calendar (Schedule)
    • Clock
    • Note
  • Setting
  • System Management
    • Local Search
    • Task Management
    • Power Management
    • Program Management
    • File Management
  • Multi-Media
    • Video Playback
    • Audio Playback
    • Net Radio
    • Internet TV
  • View
    • EBook Reader
    • Photo Browsing
  • Communications
    • Real-time Message
    • Community
  • Connectivity
    • Bluetooth
    • USB
    • WI-FI
    • 3G
  • Widget
    • Music Widget
    • Photo Widget
    • Clock Widget
    • Train Tracker Widget
    • Stocks Widget
    • News Widget
    • Weather Widget
    • RSS Reader Widget
  • Security
    • Personal Data Protection
    • System Protection

Key Technology

UI/UE Design, Application Development, Framework Customization, Open Source OS Customization, Performance Optimization, Driver Development, Trouble Shooting, SIP Stack Engine (VOIP), Widget Engine, Automation Testing, Mobile Navigation Engine, etc.


Android, Linux, MeeGo, iOS, Windows, etc.

Case Study

With a wealth of experience in embedded software, we have accomplished the development and testing of Tablet products based on Meego by tying up with internationally known manufacturers.

We have also provided an integrated solution for embedded Tablet software based on Android by partnering with famous IT manufacturers in China. This helps shorten the time of hitting the market for products, creating a win-win cooperation.

Given high technological standards and quality, these solutions and services have been well received by our customers.