Industry and Commerce

Neusoft provides industry and commerce comprehensive business system solution and data center solution for the Golden Credit Project implemented by China’s national, provincial and municipal Administration Bureau of Industry and Commerce based on general technology proposal and data specification of the project aiming to help them improve their supervision capability and service quality and create a fair, just, competitive and regulated market and economy environment.

Industry and Commerce Comprehensive Business System for the Golden Credit Project

Industry and Commerce Comprehensive Business System completely integrates each industry and commerce business process with workflows based on our core development platform-UniEAP (Unified Enterprise Application Practices) and B/S/S structure which is supportable to AJAX. This can ensure a quick and accurate business handling while provide users with good operation experience, thereby laying a solid information foundation for the policy of constructing “Digital and Credible Industry & Commerce”.

Data Center Solution for the Golden Credit Project

Based on SOA technology, JavaEE B/S/S and Rich Client structure and equipped with our core development platform-UniEAP, this solution is able to collect and integrate different data related to industry and commerce and provide effective information services for customers.

Case List

  • Comprehensive Business Management System for Hunan Administration Bureau of Industry & Commerce
  • Data Center for the Golden Credit Project of the State Administration Bureau for Industry & Commerce