We provide an integrated management information system and information resource database system for the Digital Ocean Platform established by the National Marine Data & Information Service (NMDIS). These systems can help realize real-time sharing of all types of information and data about oceans, thus significantly promoting the construction of Digital Oceans Platform.

Neusoft Ocean Integrated Management Information System Solution

With the aim of defending national ocean rights and state security, protecting ocean zoology and environment, improving ocean resources utilization efficiency and promoting the ocean economy, this solution makes full use of the national ocean information resources and integrates the ocean prototype systems to create a "Digital Ocean" application system covering the inland waters, territorial seas, adjacent areas, exclusive economic zones and continental shelves of China. The ocean information integrated application covers all the sea-involved departments and ocean administration departments of different levels and decision making support capability, thereby aggressively facilitating national macro decision making, economic construction and ocean management businesses.

Neusoft Ocean Information Resources Database System Solution

Aiming to establish a unified "Digital Ocean" spatial data architecture, Neusoft offers an ocean information resources database system solution that integrates and uses all kinds of data monitored, watched, investigated and managed by the state or the coastal provinces and cities. It helps establish a database structure based on the Digital Ocean applications and performs data upgrades and has a back-up mechanism enabling metadata navigation and database online search, inquiry, and exchange. This solution can also advance information resource development and provide value-added services for ocean information related products.

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"Digital Ocean" Integrated Management Information System for National Marine Data & Information Service (NMDIS)