Environmental Protection

Through years of efforts in environmental information, we have successfully developed a digital environmental protection solution covering vehicle emission monitoring and management, solid waste supervision, environmental emergency management and environmental data center. By effectively improving the environmental monitoring, supervision, emergency and warning of China's environmental protection authorities, the solution can promote the information of energy conservation and emission reduction, economic optimization and ecological development.

Our clients include the Ministry of Environmental Protection (Sino-Japan Friendship Center for Environmental Protection, and the Environmental Emergency and Investigation Center and Satellite Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection), Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Environmental Protection Department of Jiangsu Province and Department of Environmental Protection of Liaoning Province.


  • Environmental issues are impossible to sense and hard to supervise.
  • Environmental problems are difficult to identify and the ability to predict changes in the environment and provide timely warning is poor.
  • Environmental operations are unable to collaborate or manage in an effective way.
  • The ability of environmental statistics or energy conservation and emission reduction is weak.
  • Decision making and environmental improvement is incompetent.


  • Improve the ability of environmental supervision and emergency through comprehensively sensing of environment.
  • Intensify environmental supervision and improve the ability of environmental emergency by thoroughly sensing environment and relevant operations and dynamically supervising pollution sources (risk sources) with internet technology.
  • Identify environmental problems and improve environmental prediction and warning.
  • Build the system for digital environmental protection, clarify environmental pollution, quality and the relationship between them and confirm the impact of pollution and emission on environment to improve environmental prediction and warning.
  • Increase the efficiency of environmental management and service by integrating environmental information and management.
  • Based on unified data application, build an integrated operation platform to integrate various operations, avoid information silo to promote the collaboration of environmental operations and the integration of environmental information and management and implement informationization strategies for environmental protection to improve the efficiency of environmental management and the quality of environmental services.
  • Improve dynamic environmental statistics and analysis and complete the target of emission reduction.
  • Provide real-time effective data for dynamic environmental statistics and analysis through integration of vertical and comprehensive application and achieve the targets of emission reduction via total emission and reduction calculating and dynamic supervision of total emission.
  • Ensure scientific environmental decisions and improve environmental quality.
  • Provide decision support for environmental management, improve environmental decisions, optimize economic development and raise the efficiency of environmental governance so as to improve environmental quality.

The digital environmental protection solution includes:

Neusoft Vehicle Emission Monitoring and Management Solution

Neusoft vehicle emission monitoring and management solution is designed to collect and analyze the emission data of urban vehicles and to monitor and manage vehicle emission detection on an online basis.

Neusoft Solid Waste Supervision Solution

Neusoft solid waste supervision solution is able to perform full life cycle monitoring and management for the production, application, approval, shipment, disposal and destruction of solid wastes.

Neusoft Environmental Emergency Management Solution

Neusoft environmental emergency management solution, focusing on advance prevention, emergency preparation, emergency response and post-management provides a full-course process raging from prevention to disposal for integrated management of emergency information.

Neusoft Environmental Data Center Solution

Neusoft environmental data center solution offers a unified information platform that can be used for pollution source management, environmental quality management, environmental emergency, capacity analysis and environmental decision analysis. It can integrate environmental data and give support to environmental decisions for economic and social development by enabling environmental protection authorities to exchange, store, manage, share and release environmental data and providing the public with environmental information and service.

Case List

  •  Environmental emergency management system for the Emergency Investigation Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • National solid waste management system for the Solid Waste Management Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Vehicle emission monitoring and management project for Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau