• As China's first listed software company and with our powerful advantages, we won the bid for the Golden Finance Project (Government Finance Management Information System). We have been committed to optimizing core business and service solutions for the finance industry and have become the best partner of the industry in the field of informationization construction. Our finance solutions cover the core policy management of the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China, such as budget reform, payment reform, non-tax reform, asset management, refined management, financial supervision, performance evaluation government procurement, etc. We are also involved with technical guidance projects such as Golden Finance Project, Golden Finance Project Application Support Platform, public resource transaction platform and construction of provincial and municipal data center. Based on rich service experience in finance industry, we have set up a specialized service team composing of finance experts, development group, execution group and after-sales group.

    Non-tax Revenue Collection Management System

    This system integrates all non-tax revenue collection information and data of the financial departments, collecting authorities and banks with advanced network communication technology, thus enabling efficient non-tax revenue collection management (such as payment to treasury and unified remittance payment) based on the revenue items and collection rates. Besides, using a wide range of management methods including financial notes issuance, collection auditing management, payment and note classification and full-range monitoring, this system can help standardize revenue management, reinforce capital supervision and simplify the collection management process.

    Neusoft Integrated Financial Business Solution

    Relying on unified technical support platform and rich information resource bases (including project base, basic information base, policy & regulation base, agreement base and comprehensive business base), this solution is built into a financial business management information platform that combines a wide range of operations including budget planning, budget implementation, financial supervision, decision making support, performance evaluation, government procurement, payroll management & actual payment, personnel management and office automation. In compliance with the relevant data and application platform standards of the Golden Finance Project enacted by the Ministry of the Finance of the People's Republic of China, this solution is designed to streamline financial business handling and become an effective platform for provincial, municipal, country-level finance departments as well as budget units, collecting authorities, service providers for budget sectors, collecting authorities and related service providers for implementation of affairs related to the communist party, government and the public in a highly efficient manner.

    Case List

    Non-tax Revenue Collection Management System for Ministry of Finance
    Non-tax Revenue Collection Management System for Nanjing City
    Non-tax Revenue Collection Management System for Guangzhou City
    Non-tax Revenue Collection Management System for Liaoning Province
    Non-tax Revenue Collection Management System for Heilongjiang Province
    Non-tax Revenue Collection Management System for Yangzhou City
    Non-tax Revenue Collection Management System for Wuxi City
    Non-tax Revenue Collection Management System for Shaanxi Province
    Integrated Financial Business System for Hohhot Financial Bureau

    Customer List

    The Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China

    Liaoning Provincial Finance Department, Heilongjiang Provincial Finance Department, Jiangsu Provincial Finance Department, Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, Finance department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Yunnan Provincial Finance Department, Guizhou Provincial Finance Department, Gansu Provincial Finance Department, Shanxi Provincial Finance Department, Hunan Provincial Finance Department, Hubei Provincial Finance Department, Shandong Provincial Finance Department, Guangxi Provincial Finance Department and Zhejiang Provincial Finance Department.

    Guangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau, Tianjin Municipal Finance Bureau, Nanjing Municipal Finance Bureau, Qingdao Municipal Finance Bureau, Shenyang Municipal Finance Bureau, Fushun Municipal Finance Bureau, Benxi Municipal Finance Bureau and Jinan Municipal Finance Bureau.

    Yunnan Provincial Public Resource Transaction Center

  • Based on the features of tax operations, we have developed a taxation core application platform that covers collection & management, checking, auditing, personnel management, law enforcement supervision & performance appraisal, electronic tax filing, personal income tax withholding & payment, quota evaluation, tax payment assessment and electronic checkout systems. At present, this platform has been applied in 12 provinces including Guangdong and Shandong.

    Taxation Core Application Platform

    Tax Management System

    Taxation Audit & Checking System
    Financial Software Upgrade System for the State Taxation Administration
    Personnel Management System for the State Taxation Administration
    Taxation Enforcement Supervision & Management System
    Taxation Enforcement Performance Evaluation Management System
    Electronic Tax Filing System
    Personal Income Tax Withholding & Payment Management System
    Taxation Quota Evaluation Management System
    Tax Payment Evaluation System
    Electronic Checkout System

    Case List

    Tax Payment Evaluation & Forecast Information System for Local Taxation Bureau of Anhui Province
    Taxation Analysis System for Local Taxation Bureau of Guangdong Province
    Taxation Centralized Accounting System for the State Taxation Administration