Social Security

Social Security Solution (V3.0)

We provide all-in-one IT solutions and comprehensive services & support for labor and social security businesses involving more than 120 million people in China.
We currently have 230 plus organizational customers across 13 provinces, 18 large cities, 170 two-tier cities and 23 industries in China and covering more than 400 million people.

All-in-one Labor and Social Security System for the Golden Social Security Project


Our all-in-one labor and social security system has four key functions: Effective support to policy implementation; Operation between different areas; Assistance to macro decision making; and Optimization of public services.


  • Real-time business monitoring of the all-in-one labor security system enables decision makers to make proper decisions and improve management quality;
  • Local monitoring allows managers to supervise and analyze the quality and efficiency of business handling;
  • Easy, smart and swift system operation helps service providers improve work efficiency and service quality;
  • Unified standards, methods and tools can assist system administrator to maintain smooth system operations and disaster recovery; and
  • A wide range of channels to the system can provide labor security customers with immediate, convenient and satisfactory services.


Our all-in-one labor security system is designed to integrate labor security business handling system, management system and service system into a unified platform that can provide all-round, convenient and swift one-stop services catering to the requirements of the public. This system is also intended for addressing the requirement of role change of the labor security administrative department from a management focused model to a service focused one, thereby helping them optimize service model and quality. Besides, with its one-stop labor security service website, one-card business handling identification and standardized community service platform, the system is expected to enhance the entire labor security service system of China and promote it to change into an effective platform for people essentially.
System architecture includes labor security business handling, public services, fund management & social insurance audit and support to statistics & decision making.


  • Planning and design consistent with the construction standards of the Golden Social Security Project;
  • Wholly-owned development platform based on the core platform of local social security administration, helping reduce implementation period and advance monitoring and control performances;
  • Insurance category, component base and method base consistent with the reform of the social security system and policy adjustment of China;
  • Seamless combination of social security, employment and comprehensive services;
  • Integrated business process and data process;
  • C/S/S + B/S/S system structure;
  • Effective business, management and data permission setting;
  • Good traceability;
  • Mature data exchange platform;
  • Rich industry application experience;
  • Supportable to Oracle Database 11g R2;
  • Supportable to Oracle Linux 6.1;
  • Supportable to Oracle Weblogic Server Enterprise Edition 11g Release 1;
  • This application can work with Oracle the latest major release, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle VM 3.0, and Exadata,Exalogic one machine.

Case List

  • Henan Golden Social Security Project 
  • Anhui Golden Social Security Project
  • Guangxi Golden Social Security Project
  • Tianjin Golden Social Security Project
  • Guangzhou Golden Social Security Project
  • Wuxi Golden Social Security Project
  • Taizhou Golden Social Security Project
  • Benxi Golden Social Security Project