Telemarketing System for CPPIC

About CPPIC,,,,, China Pacific Property Insurance Co. Ltd. (CPPIC) is a subsidiary company of China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co. Ltd. specializing in providing full range of property insurance products and services.

Customer’s Challenges

Telemarketing has gradually replaced traditional agency sales in China. It even has become a strategic objective of many large insurance businesses, spurring these companies to set up special telemarketing departments.

To gain an edge over competitors and achieve more market share, building up a new-generation telemarketing system guided by globally leading construction theory of supporting system is a matter of great urgency for CPPIC.


Neusoft's New-generation Telemarketing System, custom-built and delivered to CPPIC (referred as CPPIC New-generation Telemarketing System) covers four core functions of telemarketing operations, including basic functions, business opportunity information management, marketing & services and operation support. Besides basic telemarketing functions, the construction of the system structure involves complex work requiring data interaction with a multiple number of peripheral systems as well as a heavy load of separation and integration of system construction and original data. Neusoft sent industry consultation experts, our technical director and professional operators to communicate with CPPIC on the project and eventually accomplished the construction of New-generation Telemarketing System to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Based on effective functional planning of property insurance e-commerce system, CPPIC New-generation Telemarketing System is designed to function as a unified sales and services platform used by the company’s internal users to carry out business operations. Its specific objectives are:

  • Support “Customer Focus” business opportunity management and sales of various types of insurance products;
  • Strengthen integration of business processes, boost marketing efficiency, control operation costs, pile up customer resources, improve business opportunity management and provide statistics and analysis functions that can address the requirements of telemarketing operations;
  • The system will be used as an engine to drive the sales catering to scattered customers, supporting a variety of sales channel and all-in-one (network/telephone) sales mode, providing powerful technical support for core processes of telemarketing and setting up standardized and comprehensive sales service system; and
  • Bring good user experience, improve availability, usability and stability by fully enhancing voice platform, operating support and marketing services.


The system helped CPPIC:

  • Improve system operation and maintenance;
  • Increase capability of quick response to market;
  • Obtain real-time and accurate statistics and data analysis, providing effective support for decision-makers;
  • Effectively reduce human resource cost; and
  • Integrate sales service channels and service processes, improving business circulation and customer satisfaction.