Zhejiang Mobile SMS Gateway System Construction Project

Customer Profile

74696.com,74270.com,418999.com,607666.com,922622.com, www.shdmag.com Zhejiang Mobile is a fully-owned subsidiary of China Mobile (Hong Kong) Ltd., with 11 city-level branches and 62 county-level branches in Zhejiang Province. Since December 2000, Zhejiang Mobile has won many local and national awards, including awards for customer satisfaction and high morals. It has also been awarded for being the second top tax-payer from Zhejiang province. The company has won the national award for Enterprises with National Customers’ Satisfaction and the National May Day Labor Award in 2003.

Key Challenges

Short message gateway system is designed with a double-node structure to realize the highly reliable plan for redundancy disposal of disaster tolerance. The system adopts SUN E2900, V890 and V490 telecom servers and HP BL460 blade server to constitute a cluster distributed architecture, creating the short-message gateway with a capacity of 13,000 pieces/second as well as highly processing capability, high reliability and high scalability.


After the implementation of the project, it would be possible to meet the requirement of the development of short message value-added business by the end of 2011. The peak value processing capacity of the system short message is 13,000 pieces/second.


Neusoft SMIAS V3.5