Liaoning Mobile Location-based Service Platform and Business System

Customer Profile,,,,, Liaoning Mobile Communication Co. Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of China Mobile (Hong Kong) Ltd., is responsible for the maintenance of network, construction and business operation of China Mobile in Liaoning. As a part of GSM Digital Mobile Communication Network of China Mobile, Liaoning Mobile Communication Co. Ltd. has 14 branch companies and 56 county-level branch companies.

Key Challenges

LBMP is designed to be a platform which can integrate and manage the related system of the location-based service and bear many business systems. Multi-business systems share the same GIS electronic map platform. It is possible to realize the separation between bearing and business on the whole, this being convenient for business management and development. Further, serving as the Location-based Service base of China Mobile Ltd. will give rise to opportunities to develop business and access to the entire network in different provinces and cities.


After several years of efforts, we have completed the fourth phase of the project with the Location-based Service base of China Mobile and diversified Location-based Service has been put forward to individuals and professional users in the whole net. GV interface for existing network processing capacity has reached 344 per second. By the end of 2010, 1.3 million car-load terminals have been accessed, including dozens of large application systems like vehicle affairs and personal navigation.


Neusoft LBMP, Neusoft Personal Navigation Information Application System; Neusoft Vehicle Affairs System: Access layer, core layer and application layer