Zhejiang Mobile SME Mobile Application Platform

Customer Profile

74696.com,74270.com,418999.com,607666.com,922622.com, www.shdmag.com Zhejiang Mobile is a fully-owned subsidiary of China Mobile (Hong Kong) Ltd. with 11 city-level branches and 62 county-level branches in Zhejiang Province. Since December 2000, Zhejiang Mobile has won many local and national awards, including awards for customer satisfaction and high morals. It has also been awarded for being the second top tax-payer from Zhejiang province. The company has won the national award for Enterprise with National Customers’ Satisfaction and National May Day Labor Award in 2003.

Key Challenges

The platform can effectively integrate diversified communication approaches including SMS, MMS, e-faxes, mails, etc. and improve the office efficiency of enterprises by enabling office automation.

Based on these communication approaches, special versions of it are made available for education, insurance, property management and trade industries to serve their users.


Since its implementation in May 2007, users of the platform have been increasing, leading to a rapid growth in its usage. Until December 2010, it has provided access for over 60,000 SMEs with more than 110,000 users, 90 million monthly SMS, and 300,000 monthly MMS. This brings benefits to the numerous users of Zhejiang Mobile.


Small Enterprise Mobile Application Platform (SMAP) is an application system based on China Mobile ADC that provides SMEs with convenient and effective service.

Integrating the applications of SMS, MMS, mails, e-faxes, meeting management, marketing organization management, directory management, statistics & enquiry and agenda management, it provides SMEs with mobile office systems based on mobile network and implemented by mobile short message value-added services through WEB/WAP.

Also, special versions are available for the industries like education, insurance, property management, trade, etc.