Car Navigation

Our navigation software runs on all the major international car brands across the world - Neusoft Embedded
One Core

Global Navigation
One Core means automotive grade navigation designed to provide customers worldwide with the most flexible solution on the market.

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Navigation Core

Our Navigation Technologyis based on a worldwide unified navigation platform. By a process of continuous refining and stringent road tests by top-level international auto vendors over the last ten years, we have successfully maintained our leading position in algorithm precision and response speed of the navigation engine. At present, our navigation productions have been developed and deployed into many fields including OEM factory, Aftermarket, PND and Mobile Phones.

Database Compilation

On account of the non-unified format and frequent updates to maps, Neusoft provides specific pre-compiled solutions by leveraging its relationship with many domestic map suppliers, which greatly simplifies map updating and maintenance for users.

Navigation Features

  • 2D/3D Map Display
    • User may choose 2D or 3D mode to display map
  • Voice Guidance
    • Voice Guidance decreases the time and frequency required to visually sweep of the screen, thus increasing driver safety
  • Integrated Positioning
    • Provides high-precision positioning by integrating GPS,dead reckoning and map match
  • Marker Setting
    • Supports all kinds of markers such as home, detour area, way point, destination, etc.
  • Destination Search
    • Search places according to various attributes, such as name, phone number, address, postcode, etc
  • Route Planning
    • Calculates up to five optional routes simultaneously
  • Route Learning
    • Sets routes based on statistical analysis of user data
  • Route Guidance
    • Gives on-route and around -route instructions and information to facilitate easy driving
Navigation Features

Key Technology


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  • OS: WinCE/Linux/Android/QNX/T-Kernel
  • MCU: ARM9/ARM11/Atom/SH4/CortexA8