In-Vehicle Entertainment

Media Playback, Pulse Touch, Quick Search, Digital Media Processing, GUI and more - Neusoft Embedded


Neusoft provides In-Vehicle Entertainment (AV) embedded application services, including Media Playback, Pulse Touch, Quick Search, Digital Media Processing, GUI, etc. to a large number of customers from Japan and China as well as other countries from Europe and North America.
Neusoft has over a decade of experience in the In-Vehicle Entertainment (AV) industry.
Each year, more than 20 types of products benefit from our embedded applications.

Key Audio Features

  • Built-in 50W×4 power amplifier
    • Supports diverse media formats
  • High speed USB Connection for iPod and iPhone
    • Supports USB files
    • Connects iPod/iPhone via USB for playing audio files
  • Time-lagged correlation of 6 channel audio
    • Advanced tuning feature allows every speaker’s sound to be heard simultaneously by setting each with a time-lapse value
  • 7 section G-EQ/5 section P-EQ
    • Built-in DSP provides diverse sound effects
  • Preset Bluetooth
    • Supports phonetic dialing
    • Supports BT audio
  • 3 Pre-Out
  • Tone quality upgrade technology
    • Sets sound effects by connecting PC and HU, improves in-vehicle acoustics
  • Reduces external noises and greatly improves sound qualityAUX IN (3.5mm Mini Jack)
    • Supports input of multiple audio devices
  • 24-bit D/A converter
    • Processes compressed audio formats

Key Visual Features


  • WVGA Display and Visual Enhancement Technology
    • 7 inch WVGA touch screen
    • 2400×480 resolution / 1.15 megapixels
    • Helps remove indistinctness in the lightest and darkest areas of animage, thus solving the problem of overlarge dynamic visual range
    • Balances light and shade to create clearer TV/DVD images
  • Touch Screen Operation
    • Users may select menu via touch screen effortlessly as HMI is very user friendly
  • Supports iPod music/movies
    • High speed data transmission and rapid system respond via USB(connection)
    • Browse movies, pictures, playlists, artists, songs and album information via clear, wide screen
  • 2 Sets of A/V inputs
    • Play AUX video
  • Entirely new method of song display
    • Supports Chinese, English, Thai and Arabic for text displays such as song name
    • Displays information on up to five current songs
  • Image quality adjustment
    • User may control image quality including brightness, contrast,saturation, etc.
  • Video display mode adjustment
    • User may switch video display modes and zoom in or out.
  • Automatic light adjustment system
    • Adjusts display brightness in line with the surroundings
  • Rear seat entertainment
    • Passenger in the rear may watch DVDs, iPod videos, etc.

Digital Television

  • Supports a wide range of digital television standards, including CMMB, DMB-T(China),
    ISDB-T (Japan), DVB (Europe), ATSC (USA) and DTMB (South Korea)
  • Supports MPEG2 and H.264 standards
  • Multiple resolution outputs, such as1080P, 1080I, 720P and 480P
  • PAL/NTST automatic adaption
  • A wide variety of export models, including D-terminal, HDMI and PCM
  • Automatic search
  • Electronic Program Guide
  • On-screen display
  • Available in many languages

DVD Player

  • Supports VCD, DVD, DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD-R
  • Supports various audio and video formats
  • Supports USB playing
  • Built-in DTS/ Dolby Digital Decoder
  • On-screen display
  • Available for many languages

Key Technology

  • Digital Radio (DAB), All Media Formats, Various AV, Terminals/Medium Connections, HIFI
  • Digital TV, Blue Ray, HDTV, Audio/Video Re-broadcasting, 3D Map Display


  • OS: WinCE/Linux/Android/QNX/T-Kernel
  • MCU: ARM9/ARM11/Atom/SH4/CortexA8

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